Here is a small sample of some testimonials on our auctions:
"Your continuous visits to the site and community throughout the summer
certainly contributed to the 500+ people in attendance at the auction.  Your
assistance with the marketing materials, signs, brochures, etc. was invaluable and
enabled us to relax during the marketing process.  We were more than pleased with
the overall results...It was a pleasure working with you throughout the entire process.
We will certainly keep you in mind for any future auctions."
- Paul W. Potter, Dir. of Corporate Real Estate, DTE Energy (formerly Detroit Edison)
"As I have indicated previously, I compliment you for having done a splendid job of
  assisting and advising me in connection with the available options for marketing those
properties.  Everything you did to prepare for, publicize, promote, and assist in conducting
the auctions was first rate.  I was very pleased indeed with the overall results of your
efforts...Frankly, Gary, I do not know of any other organization that could have done
  anything better, and I am still hearing remarks from various individuals who attended the
  auctions indicating just how impressed they were...You can rest assured that I will
  have you firmly in mind in connection with any future opportunities for similar sales by any
  friends, clients, or colleagues of mine."
  - John H. Norris, Attorney, Dickinson Wright, PLC
  "Once again, thanks for the great job and performance, and I look forward to working with
  you in the future.  Keep those auction brochures coming my way, so I can keep tabs on
  what you're doing.
  - Grover C. Johnson, Land Investor

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