Auction Benefits

Real Estate auctions create an extraordinary opportunity for buyers and sellers alike.  After reviewing the following items, we think you will agree.  Contact us to learn how this can benefit you!

* Time and place created for the marketing event

* Expert appraisals by buyers

* Greatly increase buyer base

* Auction atmosphere motivates and is convenient for buyers

* Increase asset values, decrease carrying costs

* Market large acreage/multiple tracts with open combination bidding

* Buyers have immediate access to customized tracts

* Media coverage, extensive marketing


The auctioning of property revolutionizes the real estate approach, providing buyers and sellers alike the certainty that property is professionally marketed in a timely and successful manner.  In conjunction with Schrader Auction Company, we design a uniquely tailored campaign to meet the clients personal needs.

We believe the best measure of a marketing plan is how well the team works together and executes.  By making the most of strategic business assets:  people, data, and technology, clients benefit from a full range of marketing expertise and exclusive and successful technology.  There exists no collection of seasoned professionals more committed to fulfilling a personally tailored marketing strategy in preparing property for auction.

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